5 Must-Read Trading Books To Succeed

Investing in yourself is extremely important if you want to succeed in trading. You have to learn constantly from blogs, books, videos and so on. You should always have something to watch, to read in order to improve yourself. It’s not just about getting as much information as possible and doing nothing, you have to apply what you learn. In this post, I’m going to give you my 5 must-read books which help me a lot to succeed in trading.


1 – High probability trading : take the steps to become a successful trader (Professional Finance & Investment)

This book is clearly a must-have. I learned so much by reading it.

Everything is clearly explained and well-detailed.

It contains exceptional tips and at the end of each chapter you will get a sum up of how becoming a better trader.

You will learn (not exhaustive):

What are the building blocks to be ready for trading

How to trade the news

The right way to use technical analysis

How to make a trading plan (very very important)

How to manage your emotions

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2 – Trading the Trends

Maybe you don’t know it but I strongly believe that the only way to make very big returns is by following the trends.

This book is perfect to learn how to trade the trends correctly.

The author use very concrete examples to explain his concepts giving you the way to apply immediately what you’ve just learned.

You will learn (not exhaustive):

What are the market phases

How to enter a trade

How to place your stop loss

How to manage your trade

How to trade a downtrend

How to use Options

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3 – Choose Stocks Wisely: A Formula That Produced Amazing Returns

While it’s important to master technical analysis, fundamental analysis is equally important.

A nice chart supported by strong fundamentals will increase drastically your odds to make huge returns.

This book gives an impressive and well-explained formula to spot undervalued stock with great fundamental that you can use with finviz.com

You will learn (not exhaustive):

Why the balance sheet is so important

How to understand and identify key points of a balance sheet

How to identify small companies at great prices

A clear checklist to avoid mistakes in your choices

A formula that you can apply with finviz.com to spot nice opportunities with potential huge returns

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4 – Swing Trading For Dummies

You may think it’s a swing trading book for “dummies” hell no! I’m not a dummy.

Well, I may agree but this book is very complete and you should definitively take a look. Don’t underestimate any valuable information just because the title does not sound appealing.

I’m not a big fan of day trading and I really think swing trading is the best way to make money without being stressed during the whole day.

You will lean (not exhaustive):

How to use fundamental and technical analysis in swing trading

The philosophy of swing trading

How to develop and implement your trading plan

How to manage your risks

Tens deadly sins of swing trading (very interesting)

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5 – Rocket Stocks: Learn to Profit from the Stock Market’s Biggest Winners

Believe it or not but this little ebook has been the origin of some of my best trades.

The strategy in this ebook is very simple but absolutely efficient during bullish market.

It is easy-to-read and contains just few pages, no blabla.

You will learn (not exhaustive):

Which stocks can give you quick and huge returns

How to identify a trend and a real break-out

Why short interest is important to take into account

How to manage your trade with a rock stock

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As you may have noticed, there is no “classic” books in this post. I really like books which go straight to the point. I hate wasting my time with superficial information which are just there to make the book thicker. In those books you will learn very valuable and applicable information to become a better trader. Don’t forget, always learn something new. Happy trading!