Sunday Market Analysis #17

A correction seems to be happening from the EU market. Is there any reasons to panic? The NASDAQ seems to be the weakest index from the US market after a Goldman Sachs’s analyst decided that tech stocks were overvalued. Let’s see how the different stock market indexes are currently moving to be prepared for the […]

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Sunday Market Analysis #14

Well, after the sell off last week, this week showed us that the US markets are still strong enough to break above their resistance. All the markets are currently bullish in long term. Only the French market is consolidating but is also bullish in long term. The Gold is breaking above its long term resistance line. […]

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Sunday Market Analysis #13

During this week, we had some breakouts from the US markets and the Japanese market, nonetheless they seem to be a bit weak in my opinion. The coming week should confirm those breakouts or not. The EUR/USD is interesting to watch, we have a beautiful descending triangle in 4 hours. The french market is currently […]

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